The Internet

As the industrial age of earth began to come to an end, the technological age took its first steps. A huge advancement in technology was the creation of the internet. Ever since the internet became available for public usage, people have been coming up with ways to do everyday tasks online.

Twenty years ago, the only way to get your education would have been by attending a local school inside of a building. Now, there are many online colleges, online high school classes, and even online middle school classes. Many people have obtained work-at-home opportunities thanks to the internet.

Even long distance communication, which in the past could only be done through writing or the telephone, has expanded to the internet. The internet has taken over much of the world, and most people will agree that it’s a positive step in technological advancement.

Professional Services via Internet

As mentioned earlier, the internet has provided many people with work at home options. There are a number of freelancing websites where people can apply to separate jobs or tasks as a private contractor. Many phone representatives and marketing employees work at home over the internet. There are also companies that have work at home options where you aren’t a private contractor. The important thing to remember as a work at home employee is to have a good form of communication with your employer.

Communication via Internet

In the past, it was nearly impossible to communicate with people who were not in your area, and the techniques that were around for long distance communication would cost a pretty penny. Even though mailing letters through the postal service and making long distance phone calls are still options of communication, the internet has provided a much faster and more convenient way of communicating with people who are far away.

Email systems and instant messaging chat systems are examples of ways that people can communicate with each other by typing over the internet. Different VoIP and video communication programs (such as Skype) are examples of services in which people can communicate over the internet by voice and/or by video. You can now use email fax services to send an outbound fax online. Even social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace are services used to communicate with people, whether they’re far or near.

Other Internet Plugins and Services

The internet has a lot of amazing features, but there are behind-the-scene strings that regular people don’t see are attached. There are services or files called “plugins” that are required to use a number of features over the internet. Many internet games require a Java plugin. To play a movie over the internet, the Flash plugin is usually required. There are other optional services to allow more internet features to be used, such as Adobe Reader, which opens and reads large high quality internet files. There are many other plugins that are required for certain internet features, but these are the ones that are used the most.

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